When we were in the process of buying our house in Tulsa, our insurer insisted that the roof be replaced.

The roof was nearly 20 years old at this point and was near the end of its useful life. We made replacing the roof a condition of the home’s purchase, to which the seller agreed.

Our Realtor was placed in charge of hiring the contractor to replace the roof. One of the questions she posed startled us:

“Do you want dark or light shingles?”

One thing about the Sooner State during the summer and a good chunk of the spring and fall is that it’s HOT. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose dark shingles — which would attract sunlight and heat — over light-colored shingles, which would reflect sunlight.

Unless you live in the frigid Rocky Mountains or Upper Midwest, why would anyone choose a roofing color that would make your air conditioner work harder?

We chose the white shingles.