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On July 18, 2007, our home solar system of nine 170-watt solar panels and a Sunny Boy inverter was fired up.

About one year later, the system has generated a total of 2,130 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Taking away 10 days because of a power outage this winter, that translates to an average of 5.96 kilowatt-hours every day.

We’re very happy with the performance of the system, as it’s generating about 90 percent of our power. We might add more panels in the future to get us to the 100 percent mark, but we’ll probably first take steps to reduce our power consumption more, including adding insulation to our attic. It’s already insulated up there, but it probably could use more.

Since climate control is our big power-sucker, especially in the summertime, it only makes sense to cocoon the house from the outside elements.